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Project Description
$linq is a Javascript version of .NET's Linq to Objects, with some query operations inspired by MoreLinq (an extension to Linq to Objects).

What is $linq?

$linq is an implementation of .NET Linq to Objects for Javascript. It implements most of the corresponding .NET Linq to Objects methods. It also implements some methods inspired by MoreLinq ( $linq will work with arrays and jQuery collections. $linq can also generate values from a numerical range, as an item repeated a given number of times, and from RegExp match results.

NPM package page

GitHub page

$linq is currently more up-to-date on the corresponding page for $linq, located at:

NuGet package page

Some of the Linq to Objects methods implemented

  • select
  • selectMany
  • where
  • orderBy
  • thenBy
  • distinct
  • groupBy
  • groupJoin
  • join
  • except
  • union
  • intersect
  • take/takeWhile/takeUntil
  • skip/skipWhile/skipUntil


A simple example of breaking up a sequence of numbers into even and odd arrays:
var list = $linq([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]);

var evens = list.where(function (x) { return x % 2 == 0; }).toArray();
var odds = list.where("x => x % 2 == 1").toArray();
Ordering a list of people:
var people = [{first: "Jason", last: "Bourne"},
    {first: "Gandalf", last: "The Grey"},
    {first: "John", last: "Smith"},
    {first: "Albert", last: "Smith"}];
var results = $linq(people)
    .orderBy(function (x) { return x.last; })
    .thenBy("x => x.first")
Using an inner join:
var users = [{username: "asmith", domain: "north_america"},
    {username: "tmcfarland", domain: "europe"},
    {username: "cdeckard", domain: "north_america"}];
var groups = [{user: "ASMITH", groupName: "base_users"},
    {user: "TMCFARLAND", groupName: "admins"},
    {user: "CDECKARD", groupName: "base_users"},
    {user: "CDECKARD", groupName: "testers"}];
var results = $linq(users).join(groups,
    function (x) { return x.username; },    // key for 'users'
    "x => x.user",                          // key for 'groups'
    function (outer, inner)                 // function to generate results
        return "user: " + outer.username + 
            ", domain: " + outer.domain +
            ", group: " + inner.groupName;
    "(x, y) => x.toLowerCase() == y.toLowerCase()");    

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